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I Think My Workplace Must Be.......

Do you have any thoughts about how your workspace should be? Don't be afraid to say inside your heart, or you can just write it down in the comment box below if you want to.

Let's share our thoughts. Let me share mine first. Since I was young, I had a dream: having my own enterprise. My friends and I run after our desire together with our own style of managing the company. No border. And it is what does "no border" means based on my perspective.

1. No Uniform for Daily Basis

Since I was very young, I am just wondering about going to school without any uniform I must wear. Uniform indeed limits creativity and confidence. Everyone freely chose whether they want to wear what outfits on that day, don't they? And once, my teacher yelled at me because I didn't wear the right uniform, and I questioned my teacher, "why should you punish me just in case I wear different clothes to my friends?" She said, "you've disobeyed the rule, Son." I asked her again, "then, why the rule exist?" Not after long, I run the field five times.

I know, sometimes, something exists without any reason or so hard to be explained per se. But wearing the uniform -- same clothe, pants, hat, is not related to the goal of the Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG) of education itself.

2. No Specific Work Hours

My dream team can work without any specific working hours. What's in their mind is not working. They're learning instead of working. They do everything because they feel they need to do that.

I know it's hard to do, I had some experiences about this by the way. In the very beginning, I ran my business a few years ago, I freed my team to work. No room, no work hours, and what was the result? Boom! I lost so many bucks! Yet again, we're talking about the dream, and I still keep it in my pocket. No "working hours" are always noted.

3. Dream Team

What I want this day the most is surrounded by so many passionate people, highly effective people. Learning is their life. My corporation is run by extraordinary people. Can't you imagine it? It must be so cool, right?

What would happen if we work with ordinary people or underrated people? We're not going anywhere. For instance, several times, I had so many meetings without any clarity about the purpose of the meeting. It was so annoying. I couldn't breathe anymore facing the circumstance like that one.

Most ordinary people aren't active. They just do something without acknowledging the "why." They're not innovative people. They just ignore the fault, changes, and difficulty. If you want to pick up your dream from your pocket, never recruit ordinary people. Trust me.

An active team can work wherever and whenever they want. They really know what do they stand for or why do the company exists. They won't restrict themselves.

Again, I write this down by setting aside my emotional thoughts. In reality, of course, I consider so many factors: humanism. We can't ignore people easily, right? I know you've got my points here.

Again, I've written my thoughts first, then it's your turn to share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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